I'm going to start babysitting again. Not 100% what i want to do but I also don't mind. I have a 10 month old starting today. It should be okay. I guess only time will tell.

I haven't been crafting much but have spent quite a bit of time reorganizing things. Jamie is getting happy to see all the junk going out the door. I'm freecycling some, goodwilling other things and straight garbage for a lot.

I have a challenge in one of my crafting groups to take pictures of all my craft wips and to see how many I can finish.


Hi Kira'
I can relate, althoiugh I have no kids it seems my life takes over to a point when I think...WOW ....I have NO time.....but I love being busy so I guess that is a good thing. Check out my blog and sign in for my circle of Friends Blog chat...

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