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Haircuts and that

I took my girls for new haircuts this week.  Megan had a major knot in her long hair that just would not come out no matter how much de-tangler and conditioner we used.  She loves her new style and i think it will be easier for her.My girls VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL

Another work in progress

Started this Afghan this week, a simple checkered pattern.

Blogging and Pinning

I have notice that in the last year things have started to change again in on-line networks.  They are becoming more visual.  I have stared to use the Pinterest site and using it to get ideas for things to make and do.For the most part I like the site but have found that it can be a bad site to visit without a really good anti-virus program running on your computer.The other day I found a swap on Swap-Bot that combines Blogging and pinning.  Should be fun to see how it goes.I have found several different things on Pinterest I mostly use it for craft ideas and recipes.  Please check it out.