Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday morning

It been a busy month or so here.  Hockey tryouts are finally over, Mac made the Millwoods Raiders again this year.  He is not 100% happy about it but likes his teammates and should have a good year.

Megan has started her second year of Guides, she is having fun and will be doing more camps this year.  Thursday night we start cookie selling.  Melissa has moved up to Brownies this year.  she will have fun it is the same leaders that she had for Sparks.  I have been recruited to join the unit as a new Sparks leader.  Right now it is lots of paper work and forms…

Jamie is almost finished the deck.  I think that it is going to look great.

IMAG0204IMAG0205  I will post more pictures when it is done.

I have to work today, I took Friday off because I was sic and today is my deadline for this 1 job.  Tomorrow my partner and I have have 1 clean to do and then I have some other work to get done.

so I will be leaving the house in a bit to go get it done then coming home and cleaning up the main floor of the house.  I’m thinking of making these later today.  I feel the urge to bake again..

This morning I woke up a little early made coffee, checked my emails, Facebook and SparkPeople accounts.  It's a little overcast outsid...