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January 2011

Wow is it cold this morning, Charlie (my dog, yes dog he is no longer a puppy) didn't even stay out long enough to run through the new snow.  He is now relaxing in front of the big window, probably dreaming of summer and chasing squirrels while we are camping.This January seems to be slowly going by.  Mac turned 12 this month so I have 1 year left before I’m the mother of a teen although some days i think that I already am.  Mac has been skiing with his school, OLMC and has had fun going to an Oil Kings game with the Hockey Academy also this week he started training camps with Millwood’s Little League  I’m finding it hard to think baseball when it is –28C outside but I guess we are in the great white north.  Keeping up with Mac’s schedule is almost a full time job, driving him to school, hockey, friends and to ball camp takes up a lot of my time and gas. Megan has been busy with friends at school using her crazy carpet at lunch and recess and making snowmen.  She has started figur…