Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snow in May

Today is going to be a long cold day woke up again today to snow, actually had to turn the heat back on to take the chill out of the house, probably could have just added a sweater.

IMGP4854 This is looking out my back window, not a nice look at all for May.

The front isn’t any better.IMGP4855

I started a new afghan last night, this one will be simple but made a a really fluffy yarn by Bernat called Baby Blanket,  I’m using both the pink and white knit together.  I’m hoping that its does up quickly.

IMGP4856 Last night I managed to get it cast on and knit 2 rows.

I also finished a bookmark yesterday, my balloons. IMGP4857 not the best picture so I will try and make take another one next time I have my camera out.

Yesterday Melissa and I made brownies, Jamie seemed to like them and they are all gone this morning, just had 2 left to put in the kids lunch bags so i guess it would be worth it to make them again.  I found the recipe here.  

The other day someone asked me to show  picture of The Mermaid that I am stitching for Melissa so here it is.

Top So far I haven’t had much time to work on her. But with today’s weather I may just have some time.


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