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This and That

Today is Sunday the 17th of August. I stepped on the scales and found that I am back up to 163.2 pounds again. Not happy with myself at all. Jamie and I want to go away overnight for our anniversary at the end of the month, I know that I will never be the 105 pounds I was at our wedding but darn it I want to be slimmer then I am now. Thankfully we will not be going on the Labour Day long weekend as the kids have school that week and Mac has his hockey tryouts. I plan to start this week with a cleanse and then really get back into my workouts, hopefully it will cool off a bit so that I will feel more like getting hot. LOL it is going to be hard enough to get my butt up and moving.I have the yarn all ready to start working on the blanket for my friend's baby I had started it yesterday but had to frog it all out as I decided about 15 rows in that I want to use 2 strands of the yarn and not just 1.I'm also working on a dishcloth KAL that started yesterday. I will do both d…

Wednesday August 13, 2008 - email

Morning can you believe that we are almost halfway through August already? I can't. Yesterday I tool the kids shopping for back to school clothing. One of my least favourite things to do. Of course the day was a total bust. None of the fall clothing was on sale and I simply refuse to pay 29.95 for pants for Mac that will have no knees in them before the end of September.Last night Megan had her little friend Chantel sleep over they are having breakfast right now. I think that later I may just go over to my friends house for coffee and say no to cleaning again today.My goals for today are simple to get the laundry finished or at least pretend that it is finished and to get my bedroom cleaned again and to work on finishing my wrap it is almost done.

Summer Vacation August 2008

Our vacation started on Monday morning. We got up around 7am and started packing, nothing like leaving it to the last minute. After squeezing everything into the van and making room for the kids to sit. Jamie, Steve and I got in and we were on the road by 11am which was about the time we had planned. We had a very nice trip down the highway to Drumheller. We arrived early enough in the afternoon to set up camp. The camp ground was nice, the kids really enjoyed the pool and park area. Mac loved being able to climb around the dunes and ravine behind our site with the other boys that were camping. We had a friend join us at our sight, the girls called him Fluffy the bunny.Fluffy had lots of friends so we saw him and his buddies almost all the time, early in the morning you would find them trying to get into any food that hadn’t been put away. The kids had fun filling the air-mattresses up. Melissa wasn’t really impressed with things at this point but soon got into camping. While unpacki…