Sunday, August 17, 2008

This and That

Today is Sunday the 17th of August. I stepped on the scales and found that I am back up to 163.2 pounds again. Not happy with myself at all. Jamie and I want to go away overnight for our anniversary at the end of the month, I know that I will never be the 105 pounds I was at our wedding but darn it I want to be slimmer then I am now. Thankfully we will not be going on the Labour Day long weekend as the kids have school that week and Mac has his hockey tryouts. I plan to start this week with a cleanse and then really get back into my workouts, hopefully it will cool off a bit so that I will feel more like getting hot. LOL it is going to be hard enough to get my butt up and moving.

I have the yarn all ready to start working on the blanket for my friend's baby I had started it yesterday but had to frog it all out as I decided about 15 rows in that I want to use 2 strands of the yarn and not just 1.

I'm also working on a dishcloth KAL that started yesterday. I will do both day 1 and 2 today.

Today I'm babysitting for my friend, she had my girls yesterday so today I will have hers. I think that i will be going and getting a new kiddy pool at Canadian Tire. That should entertain the kids today and mine the rest of the week.

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