Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camping Near Brazeau Dam, Alberta

 IMGP4946 Charlie enjoys sticking his nose out the side window while we were on the highway.

IMGP4947Jamie driving. IMGP4948 view out the front window we actually didn’t drive all the far this time, about 2 hours because of Jamie and I’s map reading problems, it was the map honest not us…... IMGP4949Megan and Melissa enjoys being able to colour while we were driving. IMGP4950 You can’t really see this that well but we drove on a gravel road for about 20 miles to get to our campsite. IMGP4952 Charlie took a nap a little ways away from the camper. IMGP4953 We set up out camp just off a road. IMGP4955 The girls spent quite a bit of time playing in the creek that was near the campsite. IMGP4971 Our first campfire, the kids had fun helping to find rocks to build up the ones that were already there from a previous camper. IMGP4981 IMGP4983 Jamie and I enjoying the fire. IMGP4984 Doesn’t Mac look like an angel?IMGP4985 Megan was having fun making toasted marshmallows for everyone.IMGP4986 This was one view from our campsite. IMGP4987 This is a walk we took the kids on.IMGP4989 IMGP4990 IMGP4991 IMGP4993 IMGP4994 IMGP4995 IMGP4996 IMGP5001 IMGP5005We had some company this little guy jumped on the RV.

 IMGP5006 Mac was learning how to start the generator so we could use the power, we were going to have a bit of rain and wanted to be able to be inside playing Monopoly.IMGP5008 Melissa was watching the men start the generator.  IMGP5021Melissa was having fun taking her doll for a walk near the campsite.   IMGP5026 Charlie is ready to go home, he like to steal the passenger seat.  IMGP5029 Taking some time fish.IMGP5030 Not sure is Charlie was really helping with the fishing or not. IMGP5034 IMGP5043 IMGP5047 IMGP5048Over all a great trip.

Getting ready for our first RV camping trip

IMGP4936 Jamie is getting the storage units all locked up for the trip, we really wouldn’t want them to open up while on the highway.

IMGP4937Mac is very excited to get going.

 IMGP4938Packed up and ready to go, Mac and I are holding the gate open so Jamie, Charlie and the girls can drive out of the backyard, then Mac and I get to close up the backyard.


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