Blogging and Pinning


I have notice that in the last year things have started to change again in on-line networks.  They are becoming more visual.  I have stared to use the Pinterest site and using it to get ideas for things to make and do.

For the most part I like the site but have found that it can be a bad site to visit without a really good anti-virus program running on your computer.

The other day I found a swap on Swap-Bot that combines Blogging and pinning.  Should be fun to see how it goes.

I have found several different things on Pinterest I mostly use it for craft ideas and recipes.  Please check it out.


JD said…
Hi Kira, great start with your pins...tfs...I love to check out pinterest...but, as you said, I get a bit nervous with all the nasty stuff out there on the net. I don't have a Pinterest account myself because I am not on facebook or twitter...Hope you have a good week!
Kira Morrow said…
I have found that I actually get more virus attacks from email groups then from the sites, that said I do keep my Nortons up to date on all my computers.
Debra said…
Hi Kira! I still haven't quite figured out the whole pinterest thing. I am so behind the times. Lol! So please don't feel alone.

Thanx so much for becoming a follower at Stylewisebydebra! I was so happy to see your name. :)

Dani said…
Following you here and on pinterest. I was one of your swap-bot partners.

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