It has been a long week. The kids and I have had the stomach flu. Thankfully we are finally getting over it. Jamie of course is now coming down with it. I have done very little crafting this week at all, but I did manage to finish my dishcloth KAL this afternoon. Here it is.


Emily said…
Very nice!! I'm glad to see mine is looking just like yours...I'm doing something right then! LOL

I'm just about done with my KAL as well. I'm hoping to have it done this afternoon and post it on my blog.
Leigh Ann said…
Love your dishcloth. I am glad to here you and your family are feeling better.

Its seems to be the year of the flu for everyone. Its going around my work and going around!

Have a great weekend!
Pauline said…
I love your edging of your first one. I need to look to see how to that.
I love your dishcloth. I have done knitting "years" ago, but I don't think I even have my needles anymore. I wonder if there is a similar pattern for crochet? I love the pattern.

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