On Our Way To Fish Lake

We got a late start last Monday; right around supper time we finally got the last of the things packed up, gases up and got out of the city. It was just starting to rain as we left. Thankfully we were able to leave the bad weather behind. I took a few pictures out the front window of the storm front as we left. Really spectacular.



As we got to Rocky Mountain House the sky cleared up and we could see the mountains.


Unfortunately due to our late start we arrived at Fish Lake after dark. Jamie and I had lots of fun finding a camp site and backing the RV into it then trying to walk back to the self-registration box to pay for the night. Mac and Melissa both fell asleep but Megan stayed up and had a treat with us before crashing for the night. We didn’t take the time to set up camp, just plugged the RV in and got something to eat.


Julia said…
i love your pictures! i love storms!

juliadarling from swap-bot!

p.s. i am now following you!
This is AJefferson from swabot. Great pictures! I remember taking some pictures on a road trip from MN to south Dakota of an incoming storm.
Marina said…
Nice pictures!!
evey said…
those photos are very beautiful. I can feel the atmosphere. thanks for sharing.

this is eveyinorbit from swapbot for the follower swap. see you around. :)
Saundra J said…
Lovely pics! I hope your trip is/has been wonderful. I'm saunjune from swapbot, and am now a follower of your blog. I have visited a fish lake here in California..../I imaging your fish lake is in Canada?
Lola said…
Beautiful pictures! I live in the city, but I miss outdoorsy activities. I have to travel so far. Thanks for sharing. -Hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot

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