Made these potholders and hot pad for a swap

I made these  a couple of weeks ago for a swap.  I can’t wait to hear from my partner and see what she thinks of them.




Somebody said…
I wish I had some creativity like that. The only creativity I have is written creativity
Britty Luna said…
oo! They are pretty!!!
Are you a knitter or Crocheter?

I am RyuLuna from Swap-Bot!
evey said…
super neat. following your blog now, and look forward to getting to know you.

(eveyinorbit via swapbot)
Anna Fernando said…
very pretty.
anna mynursecoach - swap bot
Anna Fernando said…
cute potholders

anna mynursecoach - swap bot
JD said…
Very nice, Kira...You make me want to get my yarn out...(it's been a while)
Measi said…
I love the color of the potholders.

Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse for next year. I've added you to the participant list and can't wait to see your progress. And PLEASE - feel free to add any of your yarn projects to your list. The SAL is an all-purpose craft progress cheering deal.

Happy New Year!

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