Spring is Here

Spring Break is finally over.   The weather has finally turned to nice warm spring.  The snow is melting fast, the roads are still a bit of a mess and my car really needs a bath but not today.

I’m happy that the kids are back into a routine again.  Life is just so much easier with everyone going about things.  Baseball will soon be starting and life will be busy again.

This weekend I managed a grab a few minutes to craft.  Made myself a necklace I call it “Spring Fling”

IMGP5474  You can’t really tell from the picture but it multi coloured and has flower beads in it.  I plan to make a matching bracelet and earrings soon.

This weekend I got my new to me stove back inside.  I have been putting it to good use.  Yesterday I made brownies and today I tried a new recipe from a blog that I like called Cooking with Libby

  I have a Banana Sour Cream Cake in the oven and will frost it before supper tonight.


JD said…
Good to see you blogging again. AND yes, spring is finally here! My favorite season...but it doesn't feel too much like spring my way...a bit chilly and lots and lots of rain. but yesterday was beautiful, finally had the windows open for the day, YEA! More days like that are just around the corner. Your necklace is very pretty.
Treehugger_31 said…
Hi there! What pretty jewelry! :)
I'm following your blog from the Swap Bot Blogger Swap.
Heather (aka Treehugger)
Lola said…
You have been busy! Nice necklace. You must be Supermom. :) -Hollychihuahua
Kate said…
Oooh pretty necklace! That will be a beautiful set with the bracelet and earrings too. :)

- Gwenelle, visiting from Swap-Bot for "Blogger Swap"

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