A little of this and that

This week I will continue to look for work. I hate this being laid off and not feeling like I can just stay home again with my kids. Jamie is much busier at work but I would still feel better if I was working.

Oh well, otherwise baseball has started. Mac had his first practice Sunday and has batting practice on Tuesday night. Megan starts next Saturday, looks like both kids will be playing the same nights at different fields, wish that would change but it won't.

My goals for this week are:

-drink my water

-clean master bedroom

-make meal plan

-take Melissa to the park for an hour with Franny

I managed to get a bit more knitting done on my KAL.

IMGP4833 Day 1

IMGP4841 Day 2

IMGP4842 Day 3

I haven’t decided yet if i like it but will try later today to work on day 4 and 5… Guess only time will tell.

I’ve also been stitching a bit. This is one of the ornaments that I’m working on for gifts for next year.

IMGP4807 IMGP4843 Maybe today I will actually get the stitching done.


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