Winter Fun Trip

Wow what a trip. Jamie and I left early for Lake Louise in Banff National Park around noon on Friday. We kept hearing that it was a bad storm but truthfully we didn't think it was that bad until we were on the highway…. Man alive I actually took pictures as we were driving…. We stopped counting cars off the road at 140 partly because it was getting even more hairy driving and partly because it was getting dark and you couldn't see them.

It took a long time but we managed to arrive in Lake Louise and get check into our room safely. the drive should have atken about 4 and a half hours took us 8 but again we made it safe.


JD said…
Thank you, Kira, for visiting my blog...Snow? I hope we are done with that in my (I know your photo is from a while ago...I'm not surprised considering how busy you are...Take care...

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