Today is starting out to be a long day. I'm sic I was up almost all night. The kids are eating their breakfast and getting ready for school and day care. Jamie is going to work to finish up some final things and then will be home. He has a job interview tomorrow and another one on Wednesday.

Our trailer sold and will close this Friday!!!! I'm so happy that we can finally stop paying for a home that we will never live in.

Yesterday was a nice day. We had Katie, Geroge and the baby in for the afternoon. Jmaie BBQed chicken tournatoes and ribs and I made some fruit and pasta salade. I also took the time to bake a cake, using a recipe that my mom gave me years ago that one of her friends use to make all the time

Sharon Smith's Sheet Cake
1 - cherry chip cake made in a 9X13 pan
1 - cherry jelo - made with 1 cup hot water only
1 pkg vanilla instant pudding
1pkg dream whip

Bake Cake. Cool. Poke holes in top of cake. Pour Jello mixed in 1 cup hot water over cake. Set aside in fridge. Make forsting using pudding and dreamwhip and only 2 cups of milk. Spread over cake. Let set at least 3 hours before serving. Keep this cake in the fridge.

The Kids really liked this cake.


Anne said…
Kira, it's good to see you blogging again. Looks like I'm gonna have to try that sheet cake. Unless you want to mail me a slice.

Georgie-Anne aka tato

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